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Fire Alarm Systems London

Fire Alarm Systems

It is a legal requirement to have a fire alarm system on your property as the health and safety policy states.

Fire safety is essential to have in your home for the safety of yourself and your family. Most insurance companies require you to have one in your house, as a fire can start anywhere in the house for something that may not necessarily be your fault such as faulty wiring. The detectors can be either heat or smoke depending on the environment which when set off can immediately contact police and fire service. A fire alarm system can be the difference between life and death.

All fire alarm systems are available for installation, testing and maintenance by our experienced engineers, giving you the peace of mind that comes from a safe and secure fire alarm.
Our units come with convenient operational features, such as easy to use wall panels and test key capabilities to ensure continued working order, designed to suit any domestic or commercial premises.

  • HMO’s
  • Domestic/Commercial Installations
  • Non Addressable and Addressable Systems
  • Service and Maintenance